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Learn Portuguese with Edna Allen

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I am a certified teacher from São Paulo, Brazil, living in Bristol, England, since December 2011.

I have a BA in Teaching Portuguese and English, Language and Literature, a Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Certificate, an Award in Education and Training (AET/PTLLS) Level 4 , over 19 years experience, and a DBS check.

I offer fun and entertaining Portuguese lessons to adults and young adults, in a language pack that allows you to be more exposed to the language than what you would get in other Portuguese courses. During our language sessions, my students get my full attention, they can interact, not only listen, but also express themselves.

Laptop and Notebook


Edna is a great tutor. I became her student back in November 2022 and since then my Portuguese has improved greatly.

At the beginning, I started knowing almost no Portuguese. I had a trial class which covered the very basic words and phrases a beginner would benefit from learning and a roadmap of what the initial units would be. The class was enjoyable and Edna was very friendly throughout. And of course this is something that applies to all the classes I have had so far.

All the classes are given through presentations but beyond these presentations there are lots of other materials that students have access to such as reading exercises, listening exercises, quizzes and revision materials for each unit that Edna has prepared and makes available on Quizlet and Google classroom. This makes the classes very interactive and interesting and the variety of materials means that there is something there for all styles of learning, in my opinion. Edna also makes the classes engaging herself through the delivery of the material, it is more than simply reading the presentation to students, questions are always welcome and I have learned lots even from the casual conversations that we have during class time.

Feedback and requests are always welcome and encouraged in class and the classes themselves are always flexible based on the needs of the student. If I need to go back and revise a topic or more focus is required on something before moving on, all I need to do is ask and usually even without asking Edna is very good at picking up on the strengths of students as well as what areas might require a little more support.

Overall, I would definitely recommend becoming Edna's student to anyone considering learning Portuguese!

—  Corey McPhail, Portuguese for Beginners,
visiting girlfriend in Minas Gerais, Brazil

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