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Passionate About Languages and e-Learning Development

My short introduction


I am a certified teacher born in São Paulo, Brazil, living in Bristol, England, since December 2011. I  have a BA in Full Teaching Certification in Portuguese and English (Language and Literature) awarded by the Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, a TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Certificate awarded by the University of Cambridge and an Award in Education and Training (AET/PTLLS).

I initiated my career working as an assistant teacher at a famous language school in São Paulo on my birthday in August 2004 - a present for life. At that time, my work consisted basically of extra curricular multimedia activities, speaking practice and support classes for those who had questions about grammar and everything else they felt the need to exercise after their usual classes. in December the same year, I was promoted, got a scholarship to study Spanish and my own class and students. In 2005, I was working as an English as Foreign Language teacher, studying Spanish and at the university studying to get my degree in education. 

After I had graduated and five years working for my first school, I felt like I needed a bigger challenge and was willing to invest more of my time in getting more classes and more students. I was offered a job in one of the biggest language schools in São Paulo. This school opened my horizons, making me able to create lessons that were a lot more dynamic, full of games and fun activities. 

In 2011, I moved to Bristol to live with my then fiancé. As soon as I got my work permit, I started working with translations but I still missed the classroom feeling. That was when I started teaching at a language school in Clifton. At the same time, I was able to start my own private lessons online and never stopped. 

​As well as these 16+ years experience in education, I have also worked in General Business Management and Administration of Health Service Establishments. I have worked as Secretary and Personal Assistant, which provide me with some extra skills to make our lessons more productive and business oriented, whenever it is needed.


In addition to the linguistic skills and knowledge of Semantics and Stylistics, I have acquired know-how in a wide range of subjects, as result of my work with a variety of people – from 4-year-old children to Engineering students, Human Resources Managers and other high profiled business professionals.

I have a passion for making my online lessons a lot more dynamic than traditional online lessons. I am currently focused on developing my resource center and making my most loved teaching materials available to other teachers.

We should never stop challenging ourselves and learning new things. Therefore, I am teaching myself illustration skills, e-learning development and soon I will be able to share more creative resources.


Click here to see some of the resources I have already made available for other teachers who enjoy using visuals like me.


If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact me here.

And now, you can also watch a lesson sample here.

Certifications & Qualifications

What my students have to say:

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Ryan Ruston

Edna is a very good (and patient) Portuguese teacher. She goes through things at the right pace to build your confidence while still pushing you to improve. The classes are kept fresh by use of a variety of exercises so that you're always engaged with the material. I'd recommend her to anyone trying to improve their Portuguese

Maria Luiza Sassi

Edna é uma professora muito atenciosa e divertida. Estou gostando muito de nossas aulas. Ela faz questão de explicar quantas vezes for necessário até que eu entenda. Ela se adapta às minhas necessidades e minhas dificuldades. Realmente recomendo suas aulas. 

Anabel Ferraz

Hello people! I have been learning with Edna for a few months and I realized that I have made great progress. She is very patient, friendly, attentive and sincere in feedbacks, whenever I think I am stagnant and I want to go back to the beginning she does not let me give up and shows me that I can do it. Excellent teacher.