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Portuguese Speaking Women: a poll

Updated: Apr 17

Oieee, tudo bem?

ea poll

As you may have noticed, I'm all about creating diverse opportunities for Portuguese language learners to practice their knowledge and learn something new. I want everyone to have the chance to embrace language and culture in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. For this reason, I am launching this "Portuguese Speaking Women: a poll"

I've been thinking about some super exciting ways to make it happen. I need your input to make it extra special! Imagine this: an online gathering for women where we all come together, sip on some virtual caipirinhas (or whatever tickles your fancy), and dive headfirst into the rhythms of Portuguese. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it? It doesn't need to be only for learners. Perhaps we could have some teachers and native speakers join us as well, sharing their knowledge and having debates about all subjects related to our lives.

But hold onto your hat because there's more! I'm also thinking of turning this gathering into a virtual hangout spot, a cosy corner where women who share a passion for Portuguese language and culture can kick back, swap stories, and form connections that go beyond just verb conjugations and vocabulary lists. I thought we could have "Ladies only" meetings.

What do you think?

Now, before we start popping the champagne, we want to hear from you! When's the best time for you to join in on the fun? Morning, afternoon, or evening? Weekdays or weekends? (please vote below).

We want to make sure everyone can join in on the Portuguese party!

I am going to leave a few questions below, and I would really appreciate if you could contribute with your opinions.

Remember, these meetings would happen on London time.

Is a ladies only Portuguese group a good idea?

  • Certainly. I would join it.

  • Maybe. However, I am too shy to join one.

  • Maybe. But I do not have time to join one.

  • Not really. It would not work.

When is the best time for our meetings?

  • Tuesday evenings

  • Friday evenings

  • Sunday late mornings

Would it be fair to charge small maintenance fee?

  • Certainly.

  • Not at all.

If you prefer, drop us a line in the comments.

Big thanks and hugs,

Edna Allen

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