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Online Portuguese Course for Beginners

Bom dia, tudo bem?

Let me share with you the story behind the creation of the amazing online Portuguese course for beginners I have been designing for you, and the passion that drives it.

From individual to group classes

As my roster of one-on-one students expands, I've made my course accessible for group sessions in the evenings. To meet this demand and create a space where individuals can delve into the basics of Portuguese, I decided to curate a course that goes beyond the conventional.

Course goal

freepik capoeira

My primary goal with this course is to equip learners with fundamental language skills, fostering a solid foundation. Why, you might ask? Well, envision practising capoeira or engaging in heartfelt conversations with Brazilian friends and family. These experiences become infinitely more enriching when grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the Portuguese language.

The easy versus the tricky part

Now, designing the course structure, selecting the right language elements, and establishing a coherent curriculum—these aspects, while challenging, are the more straightforward components. The real puzzle I've encountered lies in the realm of marketing—the art of extending a warm invitation to potential learners. I feel like I can never show all my colours when I press the record button in vídeos

What students would say

If you were to ask my students, they'd likely describe me and my courses as knowledgeable, fun, and entertaining. Yet, despite this positive feedback, I find myself grappling with a particular aspect—the moment I hit the record button. Crafting videos and posts to showcase who I am and what I bring to the table has proven to be a unique challenge.

Join the journey

This journey is not just about imparting language skills; it's about creating a community of learners eager to explore the richness of Brazilian culture and communication. So, whether you're drawn to the rhythmic beats of Capoeira or eager to connect more deeply with Brazilian friends and family, this course is designed with you in mind. 

Would you like to have a meetup session organised before the official course start? Let me know.

And tell us in the comments what you would like to know about the course.

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