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Portuguese Book Club

The idea of having a Portuguese Book Club for the language learners might be a crazy new idea but we are determined to make it work. After all, what better way to improve your vocabulary and general understanding of the language if not reading more and talking to other people? Immersion in the new language is essential for your language development.

Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese readers of all levels are welcome to join us, as well as native speakers.

The Club have had its first meeting, and we have decided how we are going to make it work. I am now going to tell you step-by-step exactly how to join our Book Club.

Book Club Meetings

Location: Online, Zoom Meetings

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Time: 7p.m. (London time)

Days: Last Friday of each month

Upcoming meetings: October 27th, November 24th, December 29th, January 26th,...

Meetings Structure:

We are going to divide each meeting in two parts:

On the 1st half of the meeting (40 min) we will be discussing previously chosen subject.

On the 2nd half of the meeting (40 min) we will be talking about previously chosen book.

This way, we will allow readers of all levels to read within their abilities and express themselves accordingly, whether they are advanced or beginner speakers.

Joining single events:

You can join Book Club at our Booking Page.

  • Check the upcoming meeting and

  • Click in Book Now The website will guide you to the calendar and through the booking system.

Joining the Club fully:

In order to join the club and have access to our Community and our Group page, you must have a subscription. You can do so by:

book club group cover

What you will find at the Community page:

Our Community or Group page is similar to the most popular group pages on social media but with exclusive access for participants of our Book Club. Likeminded people who have an honest desire to learn more, practise Portuguese, read and meet other speakers. Take a look at what it looks like on the inside:

book club group view

Members of our group get the chance to talk to other learners in between meetings, asking for help with the language and cultural aspect of the reading.

Note that

  • We aim to go ahead with the events even when there is only one member confirmed for that session.

  • You can join the club and choose not to be present in one or more virtual meetings, but highly recommend you do so

  • As a subscriber, full member of the club, you will continue to have access to the group, and you may even get an occasional free VIP invite to our Virtual Meetings.

If you have any more questions I have not covered here, feel free to contact me.
You might highlight an important detail I have not thought of.

Espero vê-lo(a) em nossa próxima reunião!

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Edna Allen
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