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Portuguese lessons with Edna Allen

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

I would like to offer you online lessons with the face-to-face feeling.

I have worked in classrooms in Brazil and in England. Privately in-person and online. I know we can always find a way to bring a lot of the in-person feeling to an online session. Of course, there will be a few things that are irreplaceable, such as human touch, or the before and after class chitchat. However, I believe some of it we can replace by a friendly environment where you can feel comfortable to talk freely and make the most of your time to practice.

How would I do that?

Let's go step-by-step on how it works to have lessons with me.

First of all, get in contact with me: You can have a leap of faith and book a trial lessons through this website or message me first.

You can tell me about your interest in learning Portuguese, as well as your availability for a possible 30-minute trial on Zoom. Click here to book.

What happens during our 30-minute trial? We discuss your current level, learning methods and approaches, material, frequency and dates. We will talk about all your learning concerns and when we start our work.

After we have had our trial lesson we will receive your invoice, make payment and start your lessons.

  • Invoice and Payment: Receive and pay an invoice for your first 5 or more lessons. You can pay online with a PayPal account, Debit or credit card or a bank transfer.

Start lessons: Meet me again on our preferred videoconferencing application (Zoom, Skype or Google Meet) for a video call at the agreed time for our 60 minute lesson. Hooray!

You can access our lessons using your mobile phone, computer or tablet (downloading chosen application from your app store),

What happens during our online lessons? I meet you on our video call at the agreed time and we start our lessons.

How are the lessons? I usually start by saying hello and small talk before I share a second screen with you with a warm-up activity (word game, video, music, slang, expressions, or other curiosity about the language or culture). Then, I introduce you to the topic we are going to work on, with lots of pictures and exercise, always making sure you have the chance to put it all to practice.

We use Power Point presentations, books, audio and video files, and reliable online resources.

I am happy to discuss resources, pace and change of approaches at any time with you.

You will receive a Google Doc link so you can have all notes made during the lesson, including presentation or booklet pages to review and exercise. You will also use this file to write or upload a copy of your homework.

You may need to see written examples to understand better. How am I going to write it for you? As mentioned above, you will have access to a Google Docs file which I will also share on my screen during our sessions. When you use this file for your homework and to answer exercises during lessons, we can work together in understanding all corrections. This way we can guarantee you will get all the chance you need to practice the written form as well as the spoken language.

Will you have the chance to speak and to write?

Definitely! We will focus on listening and speaking during the lesson, making use of my authentic resources to also practice reading and writing.

As mentioned above, we are always going to have homework. Our homework is an activity that will allow you to practice what you have learnt with me and is relevant to you language needs and interests. In most cases, homework is going to be something meaningful with themes, adding more specific exercises when we both believe it is essential.

I am extremely experienced in getting students to express themselves and speak a lot! I tend to make questions, give examples and talk about my experiences, in order to give you a chance to talk. I always joke that you do not have to tell me the truth. My intention is not to violate your privacy, but to create the perfect environment to build up your vocabulary, practice what you have learnt and more.

Do you need to buy any books? No, you do not. I make my own material based on what is more current, reliable sources and books.

We agree on your lesson plan together. We may rethink your plan at any time if we feel like you need a better challenge.

Do you work different shifts? Does your work schedule change?

No problem! As long as I still have available time slots for the week ahead, it will be fine. We book weekly lessons you pay monthly.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations should be done by email. You may reschedule a quarter of your booked lessons. So if you paid for 4 lessons, you will be allowed to reschedule 1 lesson. All other cancellations will be considered as lesson completed.

All of my students are able to contact me on WhatsApp to make any questions and may be invited to our Book and Chat Club. They are also offered access to Google Classroom with various exercises and activities.

Let me know if I forgot to add any relevant information. Get in contact with me using the form on the bottom of this page.

Será um prazer fazer aulas com você!

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