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Teachers in Partnership with Edna Allen

Meet some Modern Foreign Language Professionals I have met throughout my career

Note that the professionals recommended here are independent professionals who hold total control and responsibility over their working practices. I am happy to simply be intermediary, helping students meet a teacher who matches their learning needs.  

- Edna Allen

Daiane Barros
English as a
Second Language
(Brasília Time)


My name's Daiane. I am a certified teacher from São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil.


I have a BA in Teaching English, the Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Certificate and the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). I am studying Neuroscience and its application in the field of education at the moment.

I have 7 years of experience in teaching kids, teens and adults. I teach Kids from 6 up Teens (school reviews and tests), adults who need English for work and better career opportunities and those preparing for international exams.

I always try my best to contextualize the topics and provide moments of warmer/lead in, objective of the lesson presentation, guided discovery, controlled and freer practice, home studies. I like speaking games, I believe they have the potential to make lessons lighter and more relevant. The games I use/create are aimed at helping students develop a specific skill like paraphrasing, working on longer sentences and not ready ones, reviewing vocabulary and of course having fun.

I love music, cinema, books, board and card games, cats and pizza.

If you live in Brazil and would like to have English lessons with a teacher in your time zone. Please contact me here.

Eu Foto Oficial.jpg
Lara Marques
European Portuguese as a
Second Language
(Lisbon Time)

Hi everyone!

My name is Lara, and I’m a certified teacher from Porto -Portugal.

I’ve studied Portuguese as a Foreign Language/Second Language at the University of Minho, Braga – Portugal, and I’ve been involved in second language education since 2007, teaching European Portuguese to teenagers and adults from all over the world, and developing learning material.  My experience ranges from the corporate world to NGO projects and includes the university area.

My motto in life is “never stop learning” and that has been helping me improve my teaching skills. I can put myself in my students' shoes, adjusting to each student’s profile and needs. Also, because I love online teaching, I’ve been doing multiple training so I can always keep up with what works better for each educational situation. 

My classes are fun and interactive, and I keep a good balance between conversation habilities and grammar knowledge through the use of learning apps, games, and motivating strategies. I also like to encourage self-learning and home study.

I love people! I love knowing more about different cultures and habits, love to read historical novels and biographies, and I utterly love traveling. Oh, and I collect postcards!

 If you are looking for an experienced teacher and tutor working online in the Greenwich Time Zone, I’d be happy to help you.

Lara Marques
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